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We are an independent privately owned and operated community pharmacy.  We cater specifically to the critical needs and requests of the patient, physician or facility assisting with the patient's treatment and care. We enjoy offering personal specific specialty care to the greater Southern California community.

From left to right: (Admin Manager - Joey, Pharmacy Tech - OJ, Pharmacist in Charge - Mark

We provide a wide variety of basic pharmacy services such as:

  • new and refill prescription medication dispensing
  • sterile compounded medications
  • non sterile compounded medications
  • veterinary medicine
  • monthly maintenance or bubble pack fills for skilled nursing facilities
  • free delivery for all medications
  • pharmacist medication consulting

We also offer additional non-conventional pharmacy services such as:

  • medication and nutrition consultations
  • nutrition health consultations
  • holistic health consultations
  • immunization injections
  • hormone saliva testing
  • vitamin deficiency assistance
  • cosmetic services and consultations

We are a full service retail pharmacy, with fully dedicated 797/795 sterile and non-sterile compounding areas. We specialize in dosages formulations, changes to formulation for better patient compliance, changes to and offer alternatives for route of administration, we also offer acceptable medication flavoring for children and animals. We stay true to traditional pharmacy services while also applying the most current forms of alternative healthcare and patient assistance. We strive to provide the highest and most complete pharmacy service available to the public, therefore it is our unique pleasure to offer these services to our community.

Our singular goal is to provide pharmacy solutions to physicians, hospitals, and clinics, assisting in the overall treatment of the patients in their care.